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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk recent comments:

  • Sakhalin Energy (office building - SEB-1), Ahilles (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    карта то старая - даже бц "Сфера" еще не построена
  • Univermag Sakhalin, Vitacik wrote 12 years ago:
    Хороший торговый дом, стаят банкоматы, больше всех понравился магазин "Алмаз холдинг"!
  • Sakhalin Energy (office building - SEB-1), Vitacik wrote 12 years ago:
    Где еще расположить офис Сахалин Энерджи, да конечно с сахинцентром, чтобы важных делегатов на конференции именно в нем собирать!=)))
  • School No. 23, termar (guest) wrote 13 years ago:
    № 23
  • Humanities Gymnasium No. 1, Alexej (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Good schools ALL kids. "Democratic" elite is criminal, its proper place is in jail. Soros is a bitter enemy of russian people.
  • Shcool 11, Alexej (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    school, not "shcool"! "Democracy" is opium for the people!